Many people have been waiting for it. Begging, even. Although a bit late, the new IOTA wallet should be released “within 3 months”, even if the developpers did not commit to any specific date.  The delay is caused by the necessity to release multiple versions. Navin Ramachandran has written : “Unsurprisingly, we had underestimated the complexity of producing a multi-platform, multi-lingual wallet on bleeding-edge technology. We now have a team of developers working on this project, and a team of translators primed to get to work (thanks to all of you) — we are progressing well.

But we know already that this is the IOTA wallet everybody has been waiting for. Among other things, the following features will be made avaiable :

  • Automatic seed generation
  • Secure seed storage
  • Automatic reattachment of pending transactions
  • Etc.

The mobile version of this wallet will be the first to be released. It is for the moment in private alpha testing. It might be released in beta version by the end of the year. The desktop wallet would then follow a few weeks later, according to the dev team.

The team has released screenshots : we don’t know what you think, but it looks great ! As soon as there is a release date announced, you can count on us to let you know :

new wallet IOTA teaser

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