Where to buy IOTA ?

Step by step, IOTA becomes more widespread among exchanges, but it is still lagging compared to its competitors. It is now firmly in the top 10 of the cryptos market cap chart, so why is that ? This is probably due to the complexity of integrating IOTA. Don’t forget that this is not you usual blockchain crypto, it’s a brand new concept so it takes more time. Anyway, here are the exchanges where you can buy IOTA.

Exchanges where you can buy IOTA

For non-Koreans, you will have first to deposit cryptos on your account to be able to buy IOTA as Bitfinex et all don’t allow fiat deposit. Which means buying Ethereum, BTC or another crypto that is traded on the platform that you will use to buy IOTA. Avoid Bitcoin as it is slower and more expensive to move around.

Betting short term on IOTA via trading platforms

Some trading platforms also allow to bet on IOTA, but in that case you don’t have ownership of the IOTA coin, those like Plus500 are more suited for day trading.

IOTA or MIOTA, what is that ?

IOTA is the name of the coin/token, but when you trade it you trade Miota, which is one million iotas. Be careful of crooks selling IOTA on Ebay and using this confusion (they write “I sell XXX IOTA”, and they really do send you xxx IOTA instead of xxx MIOTA… one million less than you would expect) to sell you overpriced IOTA Here is the IOTA system of units :

IOTA MIOTA system of units